First Night… Next Morning

In the morning we troubleshoot our water pump problems and decide to fill the fresh water tank fuller. Maybe we didn’t have enough of a water level for the pump to operate properly. Since our campsite is electricity-only we have to take the RV to the dump station to fill up with potable water. We secure the inside contents. Actually most of them are in containers sitting on the sofa, bed, and table benches. We haven’t even moved in yet.



The slides pull in. The stabilizer jacks rise and we pull away to fill the fresh water tank. As we arrive at the waste station, another vehicle pulling away suddenly stops. The driver runs over to my window and informs us that we are dragging our electrical plug-in cord! Sure enough, we can see it sticking out like a tail from the rear camera! Jeff and I thank him sheepishly and once he leaves we have a good chuckle as we imagine ourselves in the movie, National Lampoon Vacation!! But wait, there’s more. As Jeff collects the cord and wraps it up into its storage compartment, he takes out his frustration on locking the storage unit. Did you guess the result yet? You’re right, the key breaks off in the lock! Luckily we have a spare set but with our luck we decide to lock up only when necessary and to be very careful when using the key.

Needless to say, the filled water tank does not take care of the water pump problem so once again we are on the phone with Roadside Assistance. They know us by name now! Secretly they probably call us the Griswolds! We stand by waiting for a call from an RV technician who will try to walk us through the fix. Meanwhile we call Reserve America to find out which site we have reserved. Luckily it is just around the bend. Not so lucky is that we have to move two more times during our eight night stay.

Back to the water pump… Tech support calls and Jeff runs in and out and out and in again doing this and that. It still doesn’t work. Finally the technician diagnoses the problem as an improperly installed water pump and advises us to call our RV dealer. Instead of the Service Department we call the sales person who sold us our RV back in Cincinnati. Luckily there is a Colerain RV dealership near Alum Creek and we get taken care of ASAP.

Colerain RV alum creek

Thank you, Dave, for your clout and concern! It turns out the problem with the water pump was a missing drain plug to the fresh water tank. Apparently Jeff had inadvertently closed off something to stop the fresh water from pouring out and this disabled the pump. But for now the problem is solved and we have running water and a flushable commode. We opt to take showers at the bath house, however, to minimize our need to keep filling up the fresh water tank and emptying the black and grey tanks.

This is how I coped:



We spend the rest of the day finally settling in to our RV and finding a place for everything so that we can keep everything in its place.

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