Jeff’s Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, JEFF! He and I are now the same age for 23 days. He has caught up with me once again. Tomorrow is the day we have to move into a first-come site for one night. Something tells us to double check the availability of a site. We walk to the camp office and discover all of the “walk-in” sites are already taken for Friday!!!!??? A young man and his fiancée offer to let us park on their site for an evening since they are tent camping. Abby, the campground host, finds us a site across from our final destination. Remember, we have to move two times in our eight night stay. She is as perplexed as we are and blames the “walk-in” confusion on a non-experienced reservationist with whom she shares her position. We spend the evening with Brian, Jen and Ollie sharing an expensive bottle of champagne Jeff’s former boss bought him as a goodbye gift. I give Oliver a bath, Jen nurses him and then he coos himself to sleep. Precious!

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