The RV Gets a Bath

We have a 9:00 AM appointment to get our RV washed at the Alum Creek (Delaware, OH) Colerain RV dealership. Call me crazy but I wanted to get all the cobwebs and crud off from its days in storage. It has not been washed since we purchased it on June 9th and I want to give a little business to the place that trouble-shooted our water pump problem so quickly. For $99 we get the $199 package because of a mistake on their part. Is our luck turning?

Meanwhile, during the two hours we wait for the RV, we take our dogs to the dog park, explore the marina and beach, and stop at the Alum Creek Welcome Center.

alum creek dog park


On our way back to our campsite we empty the black and grey tanks, refill the fresh water tank, and move into our new site for the night. I start my LIVE THE LIFE YOU’VE IMAGINED (Thoreau) Journal, a gift from a very special friend. Jeff reads. We plan our menu for Saturday when Andy, Dewey, Brian, Jen, Oliver and Faelan come to visit us in our new home. We order pizza for delivery and go to bed.

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