Acadia… Settling In

Today we finally settle in and do laundry and grocery shopping. We pack the dogs in the car with our dirty clothes, laundry detergent and armed with 2 separate grocery lists. Jeff’s list is normal survival mode and mine is dinner ingredients for 3 make-ahead and freeze dishes.

The nearest laundromat, the Village Wash Tub, is connected to a bar. How clever! I run in and start 3 machines.



While the wash cycles run, I accompany Jeff to the nearest grocery store to babysit the dogs in the car while he shops for the items on his list. He comes out loaded with green plastic grocery bags and we wonder how all of it is going to fit into the Scion IQ with the dogs in the back.


Somehow it all gets packed in and Jeff drops me back off at the Village Wash Tub to dry our clothes.

Meanwhile he returns to Seawall Campground with the dogs to unload the groceries anywhere and everywhere. By the time Jeff, Murph and Casey return to the laundromat to pick me up I am almost finished folding dry clothes.

We all return to the campsite and then I venture out myself to return to the grocery store to buy all of the items on my list. The IGA has all of our items and I try my best to opt for healthy choices, but wow! This place is so expensive. Again, live and learn. Next time we will buy our food before settling into our campsite.

image from google maps

Dinner is Cauliflower Kale Shepherd’s Pie. Jeff makes a fire in the campsite pit and we decide that we like S’mores without the chocolate layer. Did I forget to mention that I ate up all the chocolate while I de-stressed on our RV adventures? Once again we sleep comfortably with cool and fragrant pine breezes!



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