Acadia… Exploring

Today we take the car and dogs to explore our surroundings. We head out toward Bass Harbor stopping to take pictures of the ocean, noting 2 hiking trails nearby and visiting the Bass Harbor Head Lighthouse.


The Bass Harbor Head Light was built in 1858 and automated in 1974 with the red light occulting (darkening) every 4 seconds. A U.S. Coast Guard family currently lives here.

Since the 1800s more than 70 lighthouses have guided ships carrying granite, lumber and fish to distant ports and brought back ships carrying goods to Maine. There are over 3,400 miles of shoreline weaving in and out of craggy cliffs and cobble beaches along Maine’s rugged coast. Today lighthouses signal to lobster boats, schooners, tour boats and cruise ships. Each light has its own fingerprint of a unique light pattern and color. (from plaque at Bass Harbor Lighthouse)

bass harbor lighthouse

We pass through the smaller towns of West Tremont and Seal Cove before heading northeast to Somesville and the Park Loop Road via a slight detour in Bar Harbor. This town is the tourist mecca of Acadia National Park.


The streets are crowded with people, restaurants and shops. We can only imagine what it looks like during the height of the tourist season! But wait, I soon discover that after Labor Day cruise ships dock for the day and these day-trippers fill the town. This reminds me of Venice with its daily influx of daytime ocean liner visitors.

The Park Loop Road leads us up to Cadillac Mountain, the highest peak in the park.

cadillac 1

cadillac 2

cadillac 3

The views are awesome, especially with the clouds rolling in and out. The sun peeks through exposing a clear blue sky that catches the various shades of greens from the islands below and the splendid teals of the ocean. The white boating vessels add their clear crisp contrast to the scene. Small trickling wate really border the drive up and down the mountain.

I meet a couple from Lancaster County Pennsylvania who have been RVing for 27 years. I learn about an eco-friendly citron anti-barking collar from them. We exit the Park Loop in Seal Harbor and head northwest to Somesville again but this time we go south through Southwest Harbor where our campground, Seawall, is located.


We cook our second make-ahead and freeze dish, Spinach, Quinoa Burritos, and enjoy the food, the company and the beautiful night music of Mother Nature.

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