Acadia… A Long Walk By Myself

I finally get in a power walk! I start out in the campground until I find a service road and decide to follow it. The scenery is beautiful and I am the only person walking through the sunlight dappled forest.



Eventually I meet up with 3 National Park Service employees and ask them where the road heads. I learn that after 45 minutes I will need to make a decision to turn either right or left on Highway 102. A little later I encounter a woman walking her dog. She lives in the area and assures me that there is no right or wrong decision as to which way to turn after I end up at the marsh since the roads loop together.


I feel so alive and free and filled with gratitude. How lucky I am that this is my backyard! Yes, RV living requires more time and energy, planning, preparing, setting up and shutting down. The pace is slower. We always have the dogs to consider. But it is worth it!

When I reach the end of the wooded road I decide to turn left, retracing my way back to Seawall from the direction we left Seawall yesterday. I have no idea how far I have to walk and I don’t care. It is a beautiful sunny day with a cool breeze and I stop now and then to take pictures that catch my fancy; an apple tree, a quaint church, lobster traps, marshes, the ocean, a wooden miniature house in someone’s front yard.






At each turn of the bend I keep thinking I will see signs for Seawall Campground. Eventually I pass the lighthouse, the 2 trailheads and the picnic are by the ocean we passed by yesterday.

Jeff is waiting for me to dump the black and grey tanks and refill the fresh water. After a refreshing shower we sit outside sipping brewskis, Shipyard Chamberlain Pale Ale, a session beer. That means it is smooth enough to enjoy one after another. I have two before switching to wine.


Jeff ventures off to a hardware store we discovered on one of our driving routes to purchase a collapsible hose, an axe, a percolator and a chamois for wiping out the compartment storing the water tank. He comes back with a haircut too! Oh, did I forget to mention that the handle for the grey tank is stuck in a half-way open position? Of course!

Jeff then picks up a carryout at Charlotte’s Lobster Pound and we devour a lobster roll, fried haddock sandwich, coleslaw, French fries and corn on the cob.

charlottes lobster pound

Later, Jeff roasts hot dogs over the fire, the little fire that just couldn’t quite catch properly. Darkness descends, bugs bite me and we head inside to read, relax and sleep.

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