Acadia… More Sights and Wet Dogs

When I wake up I hear Jeff outside making a fire. Soon the smell and sound of bacon sizzling wafts into the RV. Next comes French toast, scrambled eggs and coffee. Soon we are sitting by the campfire and enjoying a hearty breakfast in the forest by the seashore. Today we decide to explore parts of Southwest Harbor by car and foot. First we take a side street to Clark Point where a passenger ferry travels to and from Cranberry Island. The Coast Guard is stationed here and a lobster pier along with serene and stately Inns.




The next stop we opt for is Norwood Cove in honor of the city we once lived in in Cincinnati. It too is off a side street which leads to a tucked away trailhead to Flying Mountain and St. Sauveur Mountain. We get out to stretch our legs and exercise the dogs and discover we only have one plastic grocery bag to use to pick up after the dogs and of course Murph has a double poop walk! From here we travel further north to Echo Lake one of only 2 areas available for swimming. Four other ponds and 1 other lake provide public drinking water for island towns and swimming is prohibited. Luckily for us the dogs are welcome on Echo Lake since it is 2 days after September 15th, the cutoff date for barring dogs on the beach. Casey loves the water! Murph tries to drink it. Jeff and I wade like 2 little kids into the lukewarm basin.




We head back to Seawall Campground and Camper Jeff grills potatoes in the cast iron skillet on the fire and burgers from yesterday on his newly purchased grill grate along with toasting some pretzel buns. Darkness descends and I drift into dreamland while Jeff cleans up and stargazes. I am still nursing my black fly bug bites. I have my best night’s sleep ever!

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