Acadia… Last Day

Today is our last day in Acadia National Park. We drive north through Manset, Southwest Harbor, and Somesville then southeast through Seal Harbor, and finally north again by Blackwoods Campground and through Otter Creek to connect with the one-way Park Loop Road that takes us to Sand Beach. From here we embark on a 4.4 mile round trip coastal trail, Ocean Path, that takes us past Thunder Hole and to the cliffs of Otter Point.





Before leaving we spend time on Sand Beach with the dogs, again they are welcome because it is officially off-season. This beach is an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The waves confuse Casey and Murph still tries to drink the salty water. Jeff and I wade into the cold waters and watch a dog swimming back to shore from retrieving a ball. Jelly fish bob on the waves and a young man next to me retrieves a piece of floating trash, part of a marshmallow package. Jeff tries to submerge himself into the 50 degree waters but changes his mind. We leave happy and hungry so we place an order at Charlotte’s Legendary Lobster Pound so that Jeff can drop the dogs and I off at the campground and he can go back and pick up our carry-out. We feast on lobster bisque, a crab roll, a fried haddock sandwich, French fries and a wicked Maine whoopee pie!


I shower and go into Southwest Harbor to do laundry at the Village Wash Tub. When I return Jeff and I prepare soup with all the leftover veggies and chicken sausage we have. We drink brewskis and snack on leftovers and cereal. Tomorrow is an early morning for us since we have to be on our way by 10:00 AM, campground check-out time.

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