Harriman State Park in New York

We leave York Beach, Maine and spend 2 nights at Beaver Pond Campground in Harriman State Park, 30 miles outside of New York City. When we arrive, we discover that pets are not welcome, but they accept us anyway as it is off-season and a virtual ghost town campground. Alcohol is also prohibited but we keep stepping on Corona beer bottle caps embedded in the gravel of our site. After leveling off and extending the slides we run the generator to charge our devices and locate local TV stations. Fifteen minutes later… Silence! The generator shuts off! Jeff then informs me that our gas tank is low and suggests that this may be the cause. Knowing we need gas and worried about being able to pull in the slides and jacks the next morning, we spend the night with all systems pulled in, cramped as sardines. It’s amazing how nothing phases us anymore!

harriman site


Lake Welch

Lake Welch

Lagoon by our campsite

Lagoon by our campsite

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