Greenbelt, Maryland

Today we just chill, clean the RV, do laundry at an Hispanic lavanderia and take the dogs for a short walk on the Blueberry Trail.

Courtesy of Manrrique Lopez on YELP

Courtesy of Manrrique Lopez on YELP

blueberry sign

blueberry trail 2

blueberry trail 1


About Greenbelt, Maryland

Within this city lies an historic planned community, Old Greenbelt, founded during the New Deal Era. Greenbelt is one of 3 “green” towns designed by the United States Resettlement Administration in 1935. The other 2 towns are Greendale, Wisconsin, near Milwaukee, and Greenhills, Ohio, near Cincinnati.

Old Greenbelt was built in 1937 as a self-sufficient cooperative community that offered housing near Washington D.C. and created jobs to help stimulate the crippled economy after the Great Depression. It resides on the site of former tobacco fields. Eleanor Roosevelt helped create the layout of the town and was instrumental in developing the various cooperatives which included a newspaper, grocery store, cafe and housing cooperative. Residents who applied to live here were interviewed and screened on the basis of their, income, occupation, race, and willingness to participate actively in the community. In 1963 racial screening was banned by the newly established Greenbelt Committee for Fair Housing.



1942 cooperative grocery store

1942 cooperative grocery store

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