Washington D.C.

Since we are only 7 miles from Washington D.C., we find a doggie day care, Planet Pets, in the city,

planet pet google maps

and go off to explore the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Viet Nam Memorial and get a glimpse of the White House.

washington monument



lincoln memorial

W from L

viet namwall

white house

The Pope is gone, but his souvenirs remain. The Chinese president and leader of the country’s Communist Party, Xi Jinping, is currently visiting the White House.

Xi pbs.org pbs.org

I ask some Chinese protesters if I can take their picture. They oblige and explain they are commemorating the Tiananmen Square Massacre of 1989 where thousands were killed for their pro-democratic aspirations.

tian anmen 1989

Jeff and I find a place to grab a bite to eat without having to worry about the dogs and we go back to the RV full, satisfied, and exhausted from lots of walking.

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