A Little Night Nightmare

A scenic drive through Maryland and West Virginia escorts us to our next resting place in Morgantown, WV, Chestnut Ridge Campground. We are headed back to Alum Creek in Ohio to get the grey tank repaired and then spending a few nights in nearby Delaware State Park before heading out West to Colorado and California. And then it happens, AGAIN. WE ARE LOCKED INSIDE THE RV! It is pouring rain outside and it is around 9 PM on Sunday evening. Emergency Roadside Assistance receives our phone call. While we wait for a locksmith to call us back Jeff and I scope out the internet and read other folks’ horror stories with locks especially the TriMark brand which looks like the one installed on our RV!

lock outside

lock inside

Jeff shimmies out the window and tries, to no avail, to unlock the *!#!#* door from the outside. Finally he scoots the picnic table over to the open window and hoists himself back inside. And then the dogs need to go out! Just picture me handing the dogs through the window to Jeff and then Jeff handing them back in to me. Murph is no problem but Casey requires some crazy maneuvers on my part that are not too graceful or smooth! Meanwhile we find out that a locksmith, charging $150 plus tax, could possibly help us out within 2 hours. We’re tired, upset, and disappointed with our brand new RV that keeps letting us down. But we are not frantic like before. We have learned a few things along the way now to becoming full-time RVers; nothing is perfect or simple or easy or worth fretting about for too long. We opt to wait till morning, secretly hoping that the locks will fix themselves overnight. Wrong again! For $106 a locksmith disassembles the faulty door mechanism and shows Jeff how to use a screw driver to get in and out of the RV. At least we can leave the RV and get back in.

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