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Ah, Thursday, a busy and hopeful day as we move to Delaware State Park* and return to Alum Creek Colerain RV to get our new locks installed. We drop off the RV at 10 AM and find the nearest car wash and vacuum for the chibi car, our Scion IQ. I vacuum as much dog hair out of the car as I possibly can and Windex the windows and insides till they glow. I gas it up and get it washed and I feel good. My car is clean. I even re-attach the dog barrier with the straps. Before we just tied the loose ends around the driver and passenger seats. Then we find out that the wrong door lock was ordered and the correct one will have to be re-ordered. We hope this will all be taken care of by Monday.

*Alum Creek State Park could not accommodate us for the weekend so we had to hop around.

About Delaware State Park

delaware state park map

In Ohio, the park, the town and the county are all named after the Native American Delaware tribe originally from the Delaware Valley in the northeast. The over-powering Iroquois Nation drove them westward and other Native Americans referred to them as “Na-Be-Naugh-a”, the people of the east. They joined the efforts of the Shawnee and the Wyandot to prevent settlers from expanding further west.

In the early 1800s people frequently traveled to Lake Erie on parts of what is now Route 23. A brick tavern, built on a hill overlooking what is now the Delaware Lake Reservoir, was a popular resting place on this journey. A Captain Taylor had the foresight to build a fort around the tavern during the British and Indian Wars so that local settlers would be safe in case of an Indian attack. Fortunately no such attacks happened.

In 1951 the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers constructed a flood control dam and created Delaware Lake. In 1952 the reservoir became a state park. (from

Friday I drive down to Cincinnati to spend some time with my Special BFF, Marylee. We watch the first 2 episodes of How to Get Away with Murder’s new season and discuss where the plot is going and exchange our thoughts and opinions. Saturday and Sunday I visit Oliver in Ollie Land and leave in tears as it sinks in that I am really leaving this time and won’t be back until his first birthday.





Monday we move back to Alum Creek State Park for one night. We choose a shady spot surrounded by woods, A-38. This is now our favorite site and we plan on requesting it each time we are back in Columbus.


We prefer Alum Creek over Delaware State Park because it is closer to Columbus and nearer to grocery stores and other useful amenities.

The RV’s new lock arrives late Monday afternoon and Seth from Colerain RV gets us in first thing Tuesday morning.

It’s real now! We head out West to Denver, Colorado to spend time with Jeff’s sons and grandchildren. Will I become Grammy L to them? Will they like me? I hope so! As sad as I am to leave Ollie Land, I am excited to enjoy and spend time with Emjay, Jasley, Eliska, and Jace in Jernigan Land.

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