Heading West

After the new lock is installed we drive through Ohio and Indiana to Mulberry Grove, Illinois to spend the night at Timber Trails Campground.

image timbertrails.itgo.com

image timbertrails.itgo.com

View of Matts Lane from front of the RV

View of Matts Lane from front of the RV

Mulberry Grove is a small village of one square mile. According to the 2010 census, 634 people live here. The town has also been known as Bucktown, Houston, and Shakerag in the past. (from en.m.wikipedia.org)

image en.m.wikipedia.org

Topeka Hilltop Campground is our next resting place, a 1.25 mile drive down a dusty gravel road that completely coated the Scion IQ and obliterated it from our rear view camera.


image topekahilltop.com

image topekahilltop.com

The manager of the campground came and sat with me with a map of the area. Who new Dillans Supermarket was part of Krogers? Jeff drove there for some much needed items, but unfortunately wine was not available in the grocery store. Wine had to be purchased in a liquor store and the nearest one was over 10 miles away! Poor Laurel! Stink bugs, however, were readily available and annoyingly invasive!

image bugguide.net

Topeka Hilltop Campground is located in Grantville, Kansas which is about 10 miles northeast of Topeka, the capital of the state.

image en.m.wikipedia.org

image google.maps

Can you guess for whom Grantville was named? You are right! In 1866 this area was named for the Civil War military commander, Ulysses S. Grant, who later became the 18th President of the United States. (from en.m.wikipedia.org)

Alternative, but unofficial, references to Grantville are Kaw City and Kaw Township. As of July 1, 2015, its total population counted 181. (from kansas.hometownlocator.com)

Grantville has one restaurant.

image food.topeka.net

The Almost Home Cafe opened its door in 2007 and serves breakfast and lunch from 6 AM – 2 PM seven days a week. (from food.topeka.net)

On Thursday we stay overnight in Oakley, Kansas at High Plains RV Resort, right off I-70, on our last stopover to Colorado and Jernigan Land.

image en.m.wikipedia.com

image highplainscamping.com

image highplainscamping.com

Their website says it all, “We’re not your ordinary overnight camping facility!” It may not look like a resort, but the ammenities outshine the ambience. All spaces are full hook-up pull through sites that can accommodate any size “rig”. Primitive tent camping is also available. Wi-fi, cable, the cleanest and largest shower facilities you have ever seen, miniature golf, a swimming pool, horseshoes, a giant hopscotch, laundromat and an unleashed dog area round out the conveniences. Oh, and I forgot to mention Cap’n Jack’s Pub where we walked across our lot and carried out an elk burger and seafood trio platter. Yum!


image capnjackspub.net

image capnjackspub.net

Oakley, Kansas is located in the High Plains of the Great Plains. So, what does this mean? The Great Plains are a large, flat expanse of land lying west of the Mississippi River and east of the Rocky Mountains. The Great Plains consist of grasslands and prairies where grasses, herbs and shrubs dominate the vegetation instead of trees. The High Plains are the name for the land of the western Great Plains before reaching the Rocky Mountains. (from en.m.wikipedia.org)

Annie Oakley and Oakley, Kansas are not related. According to discoveroakley.com, the city was named for the mother, Elizabeth Oakley Gardner Hoag, of its founder, David D. Hoag, in 1885. However, William F. Cody became known as the legendary Buffalo Bill because he demonstrated his amazing hunting skills throughout this area.

image pbs.org

In 1867 Cody hunted and killed buffalo (4,280 in 17 months) to help feed the construction crews of the Kansas Pacific Railroad. In an 8 hour shooting match with another William named Comstock, Cody won the contested title of Buffalo Bill. (from pbs.org)

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