Jernigan Land… Housekeeping

As the new week unfolds we do laundry, get the Scion vacuumed and washed, clean the inside of the RV, and find a place that will wash the outside of the RV. When the best deal costs $500 we rethink this need! Jeff visits Andy and his family without me because I opt out to babysit our dogs, Casey and Murph. Without going into a long story about Casey’s fear and territorial issues, let’s just say that Casey and Mamba, Andy’s family’s dog, do not get along. And this makes for an unpleasant and un-relaxing visit to be sure. Also when Casey first met Patty’s dog, Marley , he yapped at Marley causing him to knock his head on the car window. Since our dogs are still getting used to RV living, Jeff and I are not comfortable with leaving them alone while we go off by ourselves. We don’t want other campers to have to suffer from excessive dog-barking. I offer to do the same when Jeff visits Dave.

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