Jernigan Land… Rocky Mountains

On Thursday we pack up the dogs and head for Estes Park and the Rocky Mountain National Park. Jeff and I camped in the Park before we were married and I never ever thought I would return here! We reminisce our adventures and try to find the store where I bought my hiking boots even though now I forget why I needed to buy them!


Our goal is to drive from the Fall River Entrance of the Rockies to the Alpine Visitor Center. Oh, but did I forget to mention that we neglected to fill up our gas tank before we left Cherry Creek State Park? And, oh wait, did I also fail to mention that we were still looking for a post office to send a money order for $143 to Ramapo, New York to pay our ticket for having an unregistered tow dolly which DOES NOT HAVE TO BE REGISTERED IN OHIO? Oh, and wait again… New York needs to receive this payment by the next day! Before we leave the Denver area, Jeff trots off to the nearest Post Office only to discover that he needs cash or a debit card to purchase a money order. (Later we find out that he had my bank debit card in his wallet!) First we need to find an ATM. Then, cash in hand, we locate another Post Office as we head out to Estes Park. The line inside, however, is long and moving at a snail’s pace, if not slower. Jeff fumes back to the car and we take off for the nearest Post Office in Estes Park. So, our first stop, before driving in the Rocky Mountains, is a Post Office and we forget about the gas station causing us to turn back before reaching the Alpine Visitor Center. Ramapo, New York, however, receives its money from us!!!!

Nothing, however, can suppress our spirit for wonder and awe.






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