California, Here We Come!… Holbrook, Arizona

OK RV Park…


image petrified wood 

… a friendly place offering free coffee and muffins every morning between 8 and 11. The owner is a retired school teacher and the campground office reflects this with a shelf of books to take and read, pamphlets about local history and a knowledgeable staff.

At night the train whistles chug by seranading us to sleep.

Since we park here for 2 nights we plan to spend a day in the Painted Desert and Petrified Forest. But before we take our day trip, check out these pictures of the campground area and beyond.


The street above leads to a cluster of mobile homes. Each morning and afternoon a school bus picks up and drops off students who live here.

Beyond our campground lies a vast expanse of desert scrubland,


and a pot-holed dirt road leading somewhere.


Naturally, I have to find out where it leads.


… some kind of church…


It turns out to be a Mormon Church!


About Holbrook


Between 1881 and 1882 railroad tracks and a depot constructed here founded this city in Navajo County AZ. Holbrook was named for the first Chief Engineer of the Atlantic and Pacific Railroad. The A and P Railroad consisted of two disjointed segments. One segment connected connected St. Louis, MO with Tulsa, OK. The other segment connected Albuquerque, NM with southern CA. This railroad station was replaced by the Santa Fe Depot in 1892.

On July 19, 1912 a trail of smoke appeared in the sky and eventually exploded over the town. A meteorite with an estimated mass of 419 pounds showered Holbrook with over 16,000 stones. (from


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