Home is Where You Park Your RV

image Lake Elsinore, CA

Located in western Riverside County and founded in 1888 as a resort town, the city sits on the shores of southern California’s largest freshwater lake once named Laguna Grande. To the west are the Elsinore Mountains, part of the Santa Ana Mountain Range. East of the lake lie the eroded slopes of the Temescal Mountains and to the north are the steep Clevelin Hills of Country Club Heights. (from en.m.wikipedia.org)

image en.m.wikipedia.org

image from Ortega Hwy

We decide to park here for the winter because of its location in Kelly-O’Connell Land. My son, John, and his wife, Amanda, live in Irvine. Amanda’s parents live in Temecula. Lake Elsinore is a midway location, affordable, and on the cusp of potential restraunt employment for Jeff.

We arrive October 31st. John and Amanda join us the next day for John’s birthday after driving Paul to the San Diego airport. (Amanda’s b-day present to John was flying his good friend in for a surprise visit!) Our arrival also marks our 2 month anniversary of full-time RV living. Since August 31st we have crossed the nation from Maine to California!


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