Turning 63 and Living in an RV


For me the 60s are the new 50s. The adage, “Life begins at 50”, is finally happening to me a decade later. Maybe it’s because I returned to dating, teaching and marrying again in my late 30s and early 40s. I became consumed with proving my abilities, re-inventing myself, and embarking on a new career. I didn’t have time to think about the rest of my life. A trip out West, the summer of my 60th birthday, inspired me to embrace my age and decide how I wanted to live for the rest of my life… with my husband in an RV, traveling and finding jobs on the side to supplement my teaching pension.

So what’s it like to sell everything you own and downsize into an RV? Totally liberating!!! I feel lighter, though I do not look it, and simpler and unburdened. I have less choices to make and more time to accept what I cannot choose. Each day brings me the opportunity to live out my motto of less is more. I take less showers and with the exception of underwear, I wear the same clothes more than once. This provides us with more water in our fresh tank and more time between visits to the laundromat. I no longer wear make-up, coif my hair, or am self-conscious to greet the world fresh out of the sack in the morning with bedhead and un-brushed teeth. This gives me more time to enjoy each moment.

As for stuff, like clothes, gadgets, toiletries, utensils and supplies… well, you just realize that you don’t need lots of material things to fulfill life’s basic necessities. Decorating is easy because there just isn’t much wall space or shelves to clutter. And it’s easy on the eyes to have a place to store everything behind a cabinet or in the “basement” storage compartments.

But the best part is the yard. It is huge! The house may be small but once you open the door and walk outside you embrace Mother Nature’s big backyard!

7 thoughts on “Turning 63 and Living in an RV

    • I miss you too! You were my inspiration and role model every day at work. As a matter of fact we tried to practice “less is more” within our job descriptions. We were there for the students and each other.


  1. Laurel,

    I love your blog and what you and Jeff are doing! I can only imagine the new discoveries you are making about yourself and the people/world around you as you have less “stuff” tethering you down. I turned 60 this summer and rode 60 miles on my bike around Lake Michigan with my soon to be married son. Those are the times that matter – the stuff – not so much.
    Best wishes to you guys!


    • Happy 60 years, Greg! What a cool way to celebrate. My son and daughter-in-law in California had birthdays recently and I started fretting about gifts. Then, my son, John, reminded me that no one needs things and suggested we just spend time together exploring something new in California. As a parent I forget to apply my “non-stuff values” to them. Kudos to our sons for reminding us!


    • I know we are kindred spirits in many ways but I am also blessed having you as a daughter-in-law! You inspire me to live, laugh, and love. And you constantly remind me that I am always welcome in your home to enjoy getting my ass kicked at Sorry, I mean to just be present and enjoy my grandson, Oliver and savor the loving energy of you and Brian!

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