The Life I Love… Hot Springs National Park


MARCH 25, 2016

Today starts out cool and sunny. We hike across the creek from our campground onto the Gulpha Gorge Trail.


Up we go from switch back to switch back until we connect with the Hot Springs Mountain Trail and head toward the observation tower.



For $7 apiece we can ascend the tower for a panoramic view of Arkansas. We opt out and continue to loop around on the Mountain Trail, except we take a wrong turn. We descend steeply for about 1/4 of a mile before we realize our mistake. So we turn around and painstakingly ascend till we find our trail loop. It’s a beautiful morning hike filled with cool air, sunshine, spring colors, and crystal rocks!





Hot Springs Heresay:

  •  The city is located in the Ouachita Mountains.
  • From 1894 – 1925 Whittington Park was the baseball training camp for many Major League Clubs.
  • Babe Ruth hit a 578 foot home run from this park.
  • in April of 1914, Pentecostal Christian leaders met in Hot Springs to form the Assemblies of God denomination.
  • Al Capone often stayed in the luxury hotel, the Arlington. (See pictures from Bathhouse Row.)
  • Bill Clinton was born here.
  • Actor Alan Ladd was also from here.
  • Billy Bob Thornton, the actor, director, and screen writer is from Hot Springs. (

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