We Go Down the Highway… To Blytheville, Arkansas

MARCH 26, 2016

An uneventful yet sunny and pleasant drive to Blythville, Arkansas about 250 miles away…


We pull into Grizzly’s RV Park right off the highway… a gravel road down the center and trailer homes, RVs, and 2 tiny homes, that look more like converted sheds, line either side of the street. There are 3 pull-thru sites and a turn around at the end of the street that dead ends into a field. It appears to me that most sites are occupied by permanent or long-term residents.



The landlord, Pat, but we call him Grizzly, tells us that belonging to Passport America is one of the best decisions he’s ever made as it attracts so many overnight RV travelers. Of course, we’re happy with the 50% discount even if it differs a few dollars from the PA website.


Jeff fixes an early dinner and we eat, relax, and read our way into the sunset.


A Bit About Blytheville:

  • Forestry was the earliest industry as lumber mills were created to help Chicago rebuild after the Great Fire of 1871.
  • The cleared forests encouraged cotton farming and led to the building of one of the world’s largest cotton gins.
  • By the 1980s family farms gave way to the steel industry.
  • Mad Magazine editor Al Feldstein, was stationed in Blytheville during World War II.
  • He wrote a science fiction story for Weird Science set in Blytheville entitled “Chewed Out.”
  • Actor George Hamilton grew up in Blytheville. His grandfather was a physician here.
  • That Bookstore in Blytheville, TBIT, is one of author John Grisham’s favorite places.
  • image familypedia.wiki.com
  • The former Art Deco style Greyhound Bus Station is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • image azfoo.net


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