Can’t Wait!

I’m going to Ollie Land!

MARCH 31, 2016

The last segment of our journey east… Frankfurt, KY to Columbus, OH

We take a backroad to I-75/I-71 and soon the skyline of Cincinnati appears around the curve of Kentucky’s cut-in-the-hill. Before I could capture a shot of it, we descended elevation and it was gone again. The best I could do were a few pictures as we crossed the Ohio River.



Then Paul Brown Stadium looms by…


We’re back in Cincinnati, only suddenly it doesn’t feel like home anymore. We are riding in our home and wherever we go the hearth goes with us. A sad realization, but true… We are visitors in a land we once knew well.

Continuing north, the iconic Eiffel Tower replica of King’s Island appears and we pass by the amusement park.


Columbus lies ahead and then it’s on to Alum Creek State Park. We’ve been travelling through rain and overcast skies but my spirits are up. After getting water, unhitching the tow and car, backing in the RV, and plugging into electricity, I’m off to Ollie’s house to help with his birthday preparations. Since he lives about 25 miles south of where we are camping, Brian meets us halfway to pick me up and I spend the next 2 nights with Ollie at his house.




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