2 Dogs, 2 Adults, and 2 Days in a Small Car

Funckles Tim and Thom

Thursday we take the RV in to Colerain RV in Alum Creek for a scheduled maintenance appointment. We made sure to make an appointment before leaving CA on March 17th. Since the RV is still under warranty we had a list of concerns and little issues that needed attention inside. Outside we wanted the roof inspected, the oil changed, and an exterior wash.

We arrive early in the morning to drop off the RV and take off for a 2 1/2 hour ride north to visit my brother Tim and his partner Thom.  It’s a gloomy day but their house is cozy, warm, and welcoming. The dogs get along well too!





image Julie, Tim, and Max

image Casey and Murph



Meanwhile we get a phone call from Colerain RV. They cannot get to our RV today. We have the option to spend the night in their lot but we opt out. It’s way too cold to be unplugged overnight! We are assured that our RV will be first in line for service tomorrow.

We return from Warren, pick up the RV, and return to Alum Creek State Park Campground, only to do this all over again on Friday.

Living in a Car

Soooooo… We spend the day in the car, a cold, wet day with 2 dogs, from 9:30 – 4:45!!!!!

We decide to sightsee so we checkout Sunbury, Ohio and walk around the village square. Jeff gets a McMuffin and we continue driving east until we get tired and turn around. We waste more time at Starbucks and back to McD’s for a bathroom break and hash browns for Jeff. We find a PNC bank and Jeff closes out his debit card account. He finds out he has $9! Since we have the dogs we take turns going to Great Clips to get haircuts. And then we go back to Colerain RV and check on the RV’s progress.

Guess what? They can’t finish all the work! I tell them to forget about the inside issues and just change the oil and wash the exterior. (The roof inspection only took 10 minutes and maybe another 15 for the UV rays protection.)

So, we go back to the campground and just sit in the car and wait for the phone call. It’s raining, it’s ugly out, and it’s cold. I watch an episode from Downtown Abbey on my iPad and Jeff plays Angry Birds on his phone.

Finally we pick up the RV and find out the oil got changed but the outside never got washed. So much for scheduling an appointment 3 1/2 weeks ago! Disgusted and frustrated, we are just happy to get out of the car.

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