Ollie Land

image It’s so hard to say goodbye…

What a week for my little love-love boy! He started at a new day care, he had a birthday, he is eating lots of new finger foods, he is cutting several teeth, he is drinking goat’s milk, he is transitioning from a bottle to a straw, he is almost walking… And he got kicked out of his new day care on the second day! Well, not really, but it sounds funnier to describe it that way! He was crying a lot and Ms. Tacy called Brian as she suspected Ollie had a slight fever.

This was the Monday after his birthday weekend and Brian had scheduled the day off so he could sleep in and get some work done around the house. But Ollie had other plans for his Dad! Ollie was inconsolable and constipated and Brian needed Grammy L. So I went over to lend moral support and spent the night.

I returned again Saturday. Ollie was back! He was little love-love boy again. What fun I have playing with him!!!!!







Later, Oliver joins us as Jen, Brian, and I play Sorry. He turns out to be our good luck charm as each one of us wins a game!

But Sunday comes all too soon. Papa Jeff arrives to take me back to the RV and it’s time for tearful goodbyes. I love my family so much!



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