The Oregon Trail… Via Cincy and Indy

Friends and Family…

This is my week of hellos, goodbyes, joys, and sad farewells.

We stay overnight in Cincinnati at Miami White Water Forest Campground which we have all to ourselves. I should rephrase that to say, Jeff stays with the dogs by himself because after visiting our accountant and signing our tax forms, Jeff drops me off at Marylee’s and I spend the night with her and Tinkerbell.

60 Tinker in Ohio

We drink wine, order pizza, watch How to Get Away With Murder, and discuss her daughter’s upcoming baby shower. I don’t have time to see Missy or Ann though.

The next morning it’s another tearful goodbye only to be followed by another one later that same afternoon.

We head up to Indianapolis to see Jeff’s Dad and sister, Jan. S and H Campground is our site for the evening.


Jan brings Joe Jernigan out to meet us in Greenfield, Indiana. This is the first time they have seen our RV. I give Jan the grand tour, but unfortunately Joe cannot navigate the steps to get a peek inside. True to form, Jeff’s Dad is ready to leave within half an hour. God bless him! Jeff comments to me that this may be the last time he sees his father. This really chokes me up!

Next we head to Andy Land in Minneapolis. But we make one stopover in Rock Cut, Illinois first.




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