No Regrets

We’ve been living in our RV for 8 months now and have crossed back and forth between the west coast and Ohio 3 times already. We have traveled over 9,000 miles in our RV!


We’ve seen some beautiful sights, met some wonderful people, and experienced some ups and downs. Our motto is, We’ll take care of it. We always do! 

Along the way we’ve learned a thing or two the hard way, by trial and error, but that’s part of the adventure we signed up for.

This is what we have learned so far:


  • Remember to…

  • the RV when pulling away from a campsite. We forgot to the first time we went to empty the black and gray tanks and refill the fresh water tank. Fortunately we did not damage the electrical pedestal!

  • Create a checklist of To Do items and faithfully go through them before taking the RV on the road.


Our RV Travel Checklist

  • When emptying the black tank flush several milk jugs of hot water through the tank to loosen all the debris, if you know what I mean.


  • Verizon phone service offers the best coverage in remote places. Jeff just joined my plan.


  • When truck drivers and other RVers keep waving at you on the highway, take heed. They’re not just being friendly. They are communicating a problem.


  • This is how we discovered one of our slide-out’s awning covers was wind damaged. The canvas did not rewind tightly and the flapping canvas was battering away on the roof of the RV. We cut the canvas off to stop the flapping. The slide cover is not really necessary and we can have the roller removed.
  • We also learned that our tow dolly had a flat tire.


  • Speaking of car tow dolly… Remember to remove the tie rod locking pin before loading the car. We bent ours unloading the car because it wasn’t completely inserted. (We didn’t know how to properly align the holes with the wheels.)

  • Know for sure whether or not the state where you purchased your tow dolly requires a license plate and registration document. We knew we didn’t need a plate but we thought we had a registration.  We got a ticket for making a false statement, among other errors.

  • When the RV Garmin keeps repeating that you take the next exit off the highway, don’t ignore these directions!

  • We were driving in New York on…


  • and kept ignoring the Garmin’s advice. Later we found out…

  • This was the main reason we were served a…

  • Most importantly, laugh every day!!!



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