Diamond Lake

Our destination today is Diamond Lake, 80 miles east of Roseburg on Highway 138. We are staying 3 nights at Diamond Lake RV Park


which is a little over 3 miles from the north entrance to Crater Lake National Park.

Highway 138 is also known as the Rogue Umpqua Scenic Byway. The North Umpqua River escorts us most of the way. What a beautiful river… frothy rapids, blue-green waters, a backdrop of green lodgepole pines, and 6 waterfalls to discover!

image gobeyondracing.com

According to en.m.wikipedia.org, Diamond Lake is a natural body of water within the Umpqua Natural Forest between

Mount Bailey to the west

image summitpost.org

and Mount Thielsen to the east.

image oregonphotos.com

image google maps


The lake is named after John Diamond. In 1852 he hiked to a summit in the Cascade Mountains and discovered a view of the lake. John was a pioneer settler of Coburg, Oregon, just north of Eugene on I-5. He also helped open a road between the Willamette River and Idaho.

Diamond Lake is open for fishing from late April through late October. Hiking trails connect the lake to Mount Bailey, Mount Thielsen, the Pacific Crest Trail, and Crater Lake.

Diamond Lake RV Park, where we are staying, closes October 1st, however, the lake area caters to several winter sports including skiing, snow- mobiling, and sled dog racing. (en.m.wikipedia.org)


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