Leaving Remote

August 1, 2016

This morning we say our goodbyes to Charlotte and Gary, Chris and Mary, and Cheryl and Dave. Charlotte presents us with toast tongs fashioned out of the Myrtle wood from the trees on her property, just like the ones we slept under for the last 3 months.

We also leave with “survival knives”, one for each of us. Now, I will always carry with me a corkscrew, nail file, scissors, can opener, bottle opener, both a Philip’s and a flathead screwdriver, and a knife blade. What an awesome survival kit in a mini-package! Also, for taking notes and writing out my WordPress blogs long hand when Wifi is not available, a pen crafted from Myrtle wood completes our goodbye goodie bag.


Yesterday Charlotte surprised us with lemon pies prepared from a recipe over 100-years-old. I think it is the best pie I have ever tasted! Fresh lemon juice and zest combined with milk, eggs, and sugar turn into the most delicious lemon filling ever topped with merengue!

Here’s a picture of our last leftover piece, nibbled away by Jeff.


Her son, Tim, and daughter-in-law, Elaine, joined Mary, Chris, Gary, Charlotte, and us for a farewell celebration. Tim and Elaine are the nicest couple you will ever meet! Elaine is from Scotland and her accent is just as charming as she is!

Goodbye, Remote Outpost. I will miss you!

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