An Expensive Day

Gasoline, Propane, and 2 New Tires

As we head out of Diamond Lake we fill our 80 gallon RV tank with gasoline and fill the propane tank. Yikes!… a total of $281.00…

As the guy fills our propane he notices that the tread on our front tire is worn completely through on the outside edge.


Shoulder wear!

Afraid to risk a flat tire, who do we call?… Les SchwabTires!


The nearest store is 70 miles away in La Pine, Oregon. Nathaniel arrives within 2 hours and replaces both front tires. Yikes!… another $800…


Our RV is only a year-old with 12,000 miles. Tires should not wear out this fast! Obviously there is a problem with the front suspension, most likely it needs a front end alignment.

With 2 new tires we feel safe to drive north to Terrebonne where we plan to stay for the next 3 nights at River Rim RV Park.


The next day Jeff calls RV service centers and truck repair shops. After 2 hours of a wild online goose chase, he finally finds


They even service buses! We now have an appointment for Monday, August 15th, to align this bad boy or find out why our tires wore through the treads so quickly.

3 thoughts on “An Expensive Day

  1. Never a dull moment. It’s always something if not tires, or alignment it would be something else. Keep trucking my friend. Drive safely, miss you tons!!


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