Shepperd’s Dell

image “In 1915 George Shepperd donated 11 acres and a waterfall to the public as a memorial to his wife. Used as his family’s place of worship, this beautiful state park is known as Shepperd’s Dell.” 

(from plaque at scenic view)

A short trail winds down to this 2-tier waterfall that is right off the highway.


The waterfall peeks through the foliage on the way down, offering glimpses at different angles and reflecting the soft light of the setting sun.





And then, right before I reach the falls, I look up and see another landmark, the Shepperd’s Dell bridge built in 1914.


The air feels cool as I walk out to the falls. I am close enough to dip my toes in


or jump over the edge!


No stopped traffic. No hunting for a place to park. No crowds in the way…

What a peaceful way to end a truly beautiful day.


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