Feed the Birds

The Little Bird Woman…

Later in the day, Jeff and I return to the south side of Seaside looking for the Tillamook Head Trailhead.

image survivalbros.com

And then we find out that it’s over 8 miles out and back, with a total of 23 switchbacks one way, to Hiker’s Camp,

image wanderingyuncks.wordpress.com

an overnight resting place of 3 cabins with 4 bunks each surrounding a fire ring with a cooking grate, a sheltered picnic table, and bundles of wood available for purchase. (oregonhikers.org)

Continuing to the right, the trail passes WWII bunkers

image en.tracesofwar.com

and detours to the viewpoint of the Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

image orcoast.wordpress.com

But the trail doesn’t end here. It continues to Ecola State Park.


Well, it’s nearing sunset and even if we had the time, Jeff’s hammy is healing from a tear and my swollen knee makes me paranoid of tripping and falling. But doesn’t this hike sound awesome? I hope to return here sometime soon to “trail this trek” and experience the history, enjoy the scenery, and feel the gratitude of accomplishment.

So… we head back to Avenue U via Sunset Boulevard. (see map above just west of trailhead)

We stop and pullover to watch the birds gathering around an older lady feeding them breadcrumbs. I am reminded of the movie “Mary Poppins” and I snap these pictures on my iPad:


(Notice her walker in the left foreground.)






Tuppence a bag?

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