Where the Forest Meets the Sea

Waldport, Oregon

Today we leave Wapiti RV Park in Lincoln City for our next 3-night stopover at McKinley’s Marina and RV Park in Waldport.

Nestled between the ocean and the Siuslaw National Forest, Waldport sits at the mouth of the Alsea Bay.

We ready the RV for travel mode and consult our checklist. We hitch the tow dolly and Jeff secures the car. But as we take off my seatbelt won’t unreel. It’s stuck in retract or safety mode. Before we leave we make a few calls to RV repair services along the coast and finally find a garage in Florence who will look at it. So, after Waldport we find a place to stay in Florence. Jeff tries to give the guy the model number for the seatbelt along with information on our RV, but the mechanic interrupts him and says he needs to see it before he can order any parts.

In 43 miles we pull into the Marina and RV Park.

This is the view outside of our front  window the afternoon we arrive.


We overlook the Alsea Bay and boat dock.


Boats can also be rented for crabbing, fishing, or just pleasure riding. Canoes and kayaks are welcome for just exploring the Alsea River Water Trail.

Crabbing, however, is the main attraction here.



I watch boats return with crabs and clean them on the dock’s station and take them back to their RV to cook and enjoy.

On-site crab cooking is also available from a Marina staff member.



To find out more about crabbing, follow this link to McKinley’s Marina and RV Park. Scroll to the bottom and play the short video. The end of the clip explains the crabbing process.

2 thoughts on “Where the Forest Meets the Sea

  1. Wow! Sounds like a good place to camp. We belong to a camping group and we’re always looking for a new, fun place to that’s fairly close to home. Do they have a room people can eat meals in together and play card games? Glad your seatbelt situation didn’t result in harm to you.


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