Florence and the Seat Belt Issue

image A detour and no seatbelt…

So, we arrive in Florence and pull into Florence RV and Automotive Specialist’s driveway, eagerly hoping to get my seatbelt fixed. Too soon Jeff returns with a frustrated and forlorn look on his face.

Whoever couldn’t order a seatbelt with the model number without seeing it first is not there. The service rep on duty tells us another story. But now it’s too late for an order and delivery in our time frame. No one seems to care!

Jeff calls Forest River, the manufacturer of our RV, and leaves messages over the next 2 days while we are in Florence. Forest River doesn’t seem to care either.

When Forest River finally returns Jeff’s call, we are referred to the nearest authorized Forest River dealer in Eugene, Oregon. And guess what? Seatbelt issues are not covered by any warranty or extended warranty! So, Jeff calls the Eugene authorized dealer only to find out that this authorized dealership just services 5th Wheel RVs!

You bet I am going to send a letter to Forest River and Colerain RV where we purchased our RV!

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