I Interrupt My Blog Posts to Bring You This Breaking News…

Today is our one year anniversary of full-time RVing!

A year ago today we closed on our house, got locked inside and out of the RV, and eventually made our way to Alum Creek State Park north of Columbus, Ohio.

Oh, what a year it has been… Ups, downs, good, bad, happy, sad… and lots of laughter!

Here is each of our thoughts on the past year…


Like most… All the new places we get to see… Simplicity of living in a small space and keeping it clean

Like least… The bedroom space is so close to the wall making it hard to get in and out of bed

Biggest surprise… How tricky it is to pull in and pull out of gas stations with the car attached to the tow dolly

Biggest frustration… Not finding a part-time job in California our first winter

Favorite adventure… Petrified Forest in Arizona

Best advice… Prepare a checklist for securing RV when traveling and follow it faithfully


Like most… Traveling… Not owning lots of stuff… Exploring and learning… Meeting new people

Like least… The limits of health insurance coverage from state to state… Missing family and friends

Biggest surprise… How much the living space feels like a home

Biggest frustration… Finding places to maintain and repair RV

Favorite ¬†adventure… Exploring Oregon

Best advice… Enjoy every moment and learn from mistakes

Thank you for following my blog!

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