Port Orford

Eureka! We’ve found it!

Port Orford is our final stop in Oregon and a hidden gem along the coast.

It’s 110 miles south of Florence and we pass through so many towns we previously visited when we lived in Remote: North Bend, Coos Bay, Bandon. Just beyond Highway 101 are Coquille and Myrtle Point, our nearest “big towns” from Remote.

Almost 2 miles east of 101 is Elk River Campground, our home over the Labor Day weekend.



After unhooking the car, plugging in, and setting up, Jeff and I and the 2 dogs, pile into our Scion and investigate the town.

You know what I mean by good energy? Something just feels so right and comfortable about a place? Jeff and I feel it here from the moment we discover this road…


Painted above the huge bright white arrow are the huge bright white words, OCEAN VIEW. I love it!

So, we take the ocean view and I capture the ocean,


the harbor,


and clouds.



Port Orford pulls us in…

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