Elk Country RV Park

Crescent City to Trinidad, CA

We leave the northern portion of the coast redwoods and meander our way 62 miles south on Highway 101


past Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park to a 200 acre RV campground in an open park-like setting.



Elk Country RV Park is right off Highway 101, recognizable by the little red school house behind the RVs in the picture below,


or the local herd of Roosevelt elk that roam freely throughout.

Jeff has been on the lookout for elk ever since we entered Oregon. With each elk crossing sign

img_4647 trafficsign.us

his heart rate rises and an eager look takes over his face. He gets ready to spot an elk, only to be disappointed over and over again.

As I check-in to our RV site I am required to sign a waiver regarding the caution to not approach the elk and asked to be careful when opening the door to our RV. Then the manager shares pictures of yesterday’s elks who came to visit.

I fear I have created high hopes for Jeff. No elk come around today.

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