Get Off Your Asphalt

Dirt’s for Racing

Jeff found a job as a temp in the restaurant biz. He works with @WORK Personnel Services out of Temecula, California. Most of the time he works banquets and buffets at Pechanga Casino, but his first 2 assignments were in Perris, California at the Perris Auto Speedway concession stands.

Today we attend the mid-day races for fun.



The Perris Auto Speedway (PAS) is a dirt track facility, a 1/2 mile clay oval with a raised edge straightaway for better viewing. The racing pits are in the middle of the oval. All types of cars race, from Sprint Cars to Stock Cars to Modifieds. (


The cars line up in the pit behind the pace car.


Today the pace car is a pickup truck with the American flag in its bed.


The racers follow the pace car for a few laps around the track before the race begins.

Jeff wants this orange car to win.


The flagman communicates with the drivers. A hurled yellow flag tells the racers that after one more lap with the pace car the race will begin.


And then the hurled green flag starts the race.




The curves of the track stir up all the action and dust as the cars spin and slide.


Most wrecks occur here. Notice the track marshal and pace car standing nearby.



When accidents and/or unsafe track conditions occur, the flagman will hold out the yellow flag, signaling a hazard and telling the drivers to slow down but remain in their racing order. In other words, cars cannot pass each other.


The repair in the upper portion of the screen, in the picture below, is a reminder of just how close to the grand stand wreckage can fly.


When debris and obstacles are removed and/or repaired, the flagman displays the green flag and the race resumes.

Finally, when the black and white checkered flag is waving at the start/finish line, the race is officially over.


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