Confined in the Car with 2 Dogs… Epilogue

The New Door

Leaving California Citrus State Historic Park we head back to Highway 74 and Giant RV. Again, we avoid the freeway and take the scenic back roads.

At 1:45 PM we call Richard at Giant RV. The new door has been installed and we can pick up the RV and head back to Site 124 at Lake Elsinore West Marina and RV Park.

This is a map of the places we visited confined in our tiny car with 2 dogs:


Fortunately, we have a new outer door and screen door.

Unfortunately, Forest River no longer carries the original door on our 2015 Georgetown.

Fortunately, the door fits.

Unfortunately, the window is smaller. ( But we don’t care!)

Fortunately, the paint and decals match.

Unfortunately, the door is missing the top decal.

Fortunately, our insurance paid for the replacement.

Unfortunately, Forest River would not reimburse us the deductible even though we had to replace the door lock TWICE.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to leave the RV overnight.

Unfortunately, Richard worked through his lunch to make this happen.



Thank you, Richard, at Giant RV!

I just wish Forest River was as easy to work with as you are!

Fortunately, I have a complimentary letter to write to Giant RV.

Unfortunately, I have a different letter to write to Forest River.

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