The RV Gets a New Door

Confined in the car with 2 dogs…

After getting locked in and locked out of our RV 3 times and replacing the lock twice, the door and screen door were a mess. I mean, we had to call a locksmith to get us in and out and that translates into destroying the existing lock and screen door AND breaking into the RV via the outer door.

Insurance covered the damage, thank goodness, and even tried to recover our deductible from Forest River, though unsuccessfully. Ah, but that’s a story for another bottle of wine to tell!

Today we are finally getting the new door installed, painted, and the new decals attached!

Getting the RV ready for traveling means packing up all the tchotchkes and loose items, securing all the cabinet storage compartments, lowering the jacks, and bringing the slides in. The good news, however, is that we need propane so we can fulfill both needs in one trip. (Packing up to move for 10 minutes and then return to unpack and set up again is an inconvenient hassle and a half!)

We arrive at Giant RV in Wildomar when they open, expecting to leave our motorhome for the day and picking it up by 5:00 when they close. Our plans are to drive to LA and sightsee by car with the dogs. We make a list of places we want to see.

But when we get to Giant RV, Richard, our service rep, tells us to call him at 1:00 as the installation process should be completed.

Even though LA is about 60 miles away from us, it can take 2-3 hours or longer to get there and another 2-3 to return. The 5-7 lane highways are a slow moving parking lot during rush hours and not. So, we decide to stay local and explore the back roads.

We head east first to see Canyon Lake which empties into Lake Elsinore. Unfortunately all roads lead to private gated communities. We meander our way north and discover a group of sky divers descending before us.  I suggest we pull over and watch them land. We end up at Sky Dive Perris.


So unexpectedly cool!

We watch the planes take off and try to follow them in the sky.






Then all of a sudden the divers appear.



And what looks like slowly descend,









and repack…


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