The Crowned City

After visiting Balboa Park, we cross the San Diego-Coronado Bay Bridge and head to Coronado.




Coronado is a resort city across and around the bay from downtown San Diego.





Geographically Coronado is a tied island connected to the mainland by a tombolo, an Italian word derived from the Latin tumulus, meaning “mound”.

A tombolo is a deposit of sediments, soil, and rocks that accumulate layers and connect to a land mass.

The Silver Strand is the tombolo connecting Coronado to San Diego County, creating the tied island. (


In 1886, 3 ambitious investors, Elisha Spurr Babcock, Hampton L. Story, and Jacob Gruendike purchased the land and organized the Coronado Beach Company to create a resort community.

With the construction of the Hotel Del Coronado in 1888, the city grew into a popular retreat. The hotel is affectionately known as The Del. (

In 1969 the San Diego-Coronado Bridge opened as a quicker route for accessing this resort town of almost 33 square miles. Prior to the construction of the bridge, visitors had to rely on bay ferries and State Route 75 along the Silver Strand. (

So… As its web page at beckons, “Welcome to Coronado, just across the bridge and a world away”






This 1907 craftsman bungalow below is for sale.


The asking price is $2,988,000.00! Another house for sale up 1st Street facing the bay is only $2,875,000.00!

The U.S. Naval Air Station North Island (NASNI) commences at the end of this street.



The  U. S. Navy started developing North Island prior to and during World War II.

On the southern side of Coronado is the Naval Amphibious Base where Navy SEALs and Special Warfare Combatant-Craft Crewmen (SWCC) are trained. (

From 1st Street we backtrack to Orange Avenue, the main street in town, lined with restaurants, galleries, and exquisite shops.


We turn south and catch glimpses of Hotel Del Coronado while we flow through traffic, searching for an access to the Pacific Ocean.



As Orange Avenue turns into Silver Strand Boulevard, we turn west onto Avenida de las Arenas within the beachfront condominium community of 10 luxury high rise towers. For $550,000 to $3,000,000 you too can live here! (

We find public parking and access to the beach. I’m wearing flip-flops that I leave on boulders before sinking my feet into the sand.



Jeff chooses to not remove his New Balance shoes and socks.

The rocks shine in the sand and the  gently rolling waves sparkle in the sunshine.




As the waves roll in and out, Jeff and I venture closer to the ocean until the frothy waters caress my feet and soak through Jeff’s socks and shoes. Squish, squish!


Further north lies the beachfront of The Del and the sand dune art spelling out the name, CORONADO.

img_5351Tia International Photography 

With 2 pairs of feet, 1 dry and 1 soggy, we return to the car and head back to Lake Elsinore and a more affordable lifestyle.

Here is my last glimpse of The Del…


and the bridge…


and the other side of San Diego Bay…


2 thoughts on “Coronado

  1. We used to live in the Chula Vista area, a stone’s throw from the Strand and Coronado. It was always ritzy. We used to go grunion hunting on the Strand when I was a kid.


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