Totally Awesome


Jeff has been accompanying me on my Riverwalk route lately. He used to walk with me most of the way, then stop in a shady spot and wait for me to return from the Ortega Highway.

Today we parked the car on Sumner Street and started our walk from the Pottery Court Apartments. (Out and back from here is 4 miles, more or less.) This gave us both a choice. I could continue walking to The Lakeshore Marina and back and Jeff could wait in the car for me to return. Or, we could continue together, which we did!

After crossing Sumner Street the Riverwalk is broken up into one block segments… Heald Street, Graham Street, Limited Street… then finally arriving at the lake, marina, and beach.

It’s not unusual to hear propeller planes overhead dropping off skydivers. Today, however, we heard and saw para-gliders flying around with paramotors as we approached the Lakeshore Marina.

I just happened to have my iPad with me because I was still taking pictures of letters for my urban alphabet project. So, after watching a powered para-glider land, I just had to follow the action and find out more!

I met a family from Utah. Mom was on ground patrol. Dad was an experienced pilot performing para-gliding tricks. Their 3 kids: a 16-year-old daughter, a 12-year-old son, and a 10-year-old son, took turns flying above Lake Elsinore in the paramotors.

“Awesome!” is the word that comes to mind. And then I find out that their website is named Totally Awesome.

These paramotors are actually 3 gliders in one: with wheels, without wheels, and without the motor as a para-glider. Before “flying”, 10 hours of training is required.

You just never know what you will encounter on Lake Elsinore’s Riverwalk! Totally awesome!

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