This RV Was Meant For Traveling

Finally, We Hit the Road Again

At last, my permanent bridge is affixed in my mouth. Yay, I have teeth again! Nothing’s preventing us from leaving Lake Elsinore now. We’ve been here since October 10th, give or take a day or two. That’s almost 7 and a half months!

So, after packing up and cleaning, filling the gas and propane tanks, and saying goodbye to neighbors and friends, we hitch the car and take off.  Our final destination is the southern coast of Oregon where we can trade desert views and the Inland Empire heat for evergreen trees and cool ocean breezes.

Interstate 15 takes us north through Corona where we head east on 91 and catch the 71 through Chino Hills and Pomona. Near the city of La Verne the 71 merges with the 57 and dumps us onto the 210 west through Glendora, Azusa, and Pasadena.

Now I get to say that I drove through Pasadena as a little old lady!

We’re north of LA and east of Hollywood as we connect to the 5 and head northwest through Glendale, Burbank, San Fernando, and Santa Clarita. The Angeles National Forest hugs the highway to the east and Los Padres National Forest hugs the west.

As we approach Lebec I have to take a picture of this sign:

Mountains continue to make the drive scenic.

And the clean windshield on the RV makes for nicer pictures! It’s amazing what a difference it makes to view the scenery from higher up in a motorhome with a windshield that offers almost panoramic visibility.

All of a sudden the landscape becomes flat as a pancake. 

Canals, aqueducts, and lake beds help irrigate the fruit trees, grapevines, nuts, and other crops growing along the highway in central California.

We end the day in the early afternoon at an RV Park in Lost Hills, just off the 5 Freeway. It’s 101 degrees outside. Jeff, me, and the 2 dogs are tired, hot, and thirsty puppies.

Around 2,500 people live in Lost Hills and 75% of them work for Paramount Farms in the agricultural division. In 2015 the name changed to The Wonderful Company. Wonderful Almonds, Wonderful Pistachios, and Wonderful Citrus were all formerly known as Paramount Farms. You may be familiar with some of their brands and subsidiaries such as the flower delivery service Teleflora, the bottled water company Fiji Water, and the juice company POM Wonderful. (

It’s 8:00, the sun is setting, and the temperature has dropped down to 89 degrees.

Even the back window in the bedroom is clean!

Good night, my family and friends…

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