A Long Haul for Groceries

50 Miles

Today we travel to Coos Bay to grocery shop at Walmart. As I mentioned in a previous post, Port Orford’s only supermarket, Ray’s Place, is quite expensive. So, upon the advice of a local resident, we made a day trip out of grocery shopping.

Actually, Coos Bay is familiar to us. Last summer we stayed in Remote, OR, 47 miles away. The nearest supermarket was in Myrtle Point, almost 20 miles one way.

We head up the coast past the town named after the Sixes River.  We are so absorbed recalling all the little memorable landmarks we passed through last August, as we headed down the coast, that we take no notice of how fast we are driving as we enter the town of Langlois.


No sooner does Jeff realize the need to slow down then we both see the patrol car sitting on the other side of the road.

We are getting a ticket! The cop car turns around and follows us and lights up. We pull over. I start to panic because our car insurance documents are in my email. I haven’t printed them out yet. (Ah, some of the complications of full-time RVing.) I quickly find the email but I forget my login name and password.

The officer approaches and introduces himself. Oh yeah, we know why we are pulled over, 49 in a 40. We tell him the truth, admit we are guilty and explain we know better. I fumble with bringing up our proof of insurance. The officer tells me not to worry. He can check Progressive from his computer. He takes the registration of our vehicle. Jeff and I wish we had paid more attention to the speed limit.

Meanwhile, I access our electronic car insurance document. I want to jump out and show it to the policeman, but he told us to remain in the car. Finally he returns and I triumphantly show him our proof of insurance which he politely notes. And then, instead of a ticket we get a warning ⚠️!!!!! How lucky is that??????????

We are ever grateful for our wake-up call as we travel through Bandon and head to Coos Bay, under the speed limit, I might add.

We head through North Bend and back into Coos Bay before arriving at


Never having shopped at Walmart for groceries before, we were surprised that this store was a full supermarket. The prices met our budget and the variety of fresh produce, frozen vegetables, meats, and canned goods exceeded our expectations. (I mean, we found fresh parsnips and beets, frozen chopped kale and butternut squash, lean ground beef and chicken breasts, and low sodium canned tomatoes and beans!)

By the end of our shopping spree, circling the outer edge and zigzagging from aisle to aisle, we are exhausted and the cart is getting heavy to push.

We spend $305 and fill every bag we brought to the brim! (We are accustomed to bringing our own bags everywhere in CA because a new state law charges customers for plastic bags, encouraging people to re-use bags and reduce landfills. I don’t think OR has such a law yet.)

By the time we return and find a home for all the groceries, we are too tired to cook dinner.

We share a carry out of chowder and fish and chips from the Crazy Norwegian. (How appropriate… Crazy Laurel and Jeff now spending even more money when we are trying to cut down on our expenses!)

But the food is worth every penny! (I wish I had taken pictures of our meal… but my idea to do a food review of the restaurants in Port Orford wasn’t planted yet.)

Creamy homemade clam chowder with bacon, carrots, potatoes and lots of clams.


The fish is fresh Alaskan Pacific cod, lightly battered and fried, not greasy. The coleslaw and tartar sauce are homemade and delicious.


I only have a carry out menu to refer to but the House Favorites include shrimp, clams, and prawns. Homemade pies and local cranberry juice round out the menu. (I am purposely omitting the chicken strips, burgers, and chili on the menu for the non-fish lovers.)

We will return and dine in where I can learn more and order off the full menu of this crazy, local, and oh so popular little restaurant.

2 thoughts on “A Long Haul for Groceries

  1. Laurel,
    In Corvallis the City Council mandated that stores not provide bags unless the customer pays. No free plastic OR paper bags anymore. It irritates me. We live in Albany so I don’t think about the bag ban in Corvallis until it’s too late.

    Pay attention to where your food is produced when you shop (anywhere really) but at Walmart especially. Lots of it is grown/packaged etc. in China. Which I object to.

    Your pictures of food are great!

    Sent from my iPhone


    • It took us a while to get in the habit of keeping shopping bags in the car too. We also left home without them many many times and had to purchase plastic or paper.🙁

      I never thought about checking for where the food is produced as I am tunnel-visioned checking for ingredients. I will take heed of your warning and think twice the next time we choose less expensive grocery stores. Thanks for the warning!!!!!!


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