Side Streets and Seashore

A Long Beautiful Walk

Today I plan a walk through town and along Agate Beach.

Jeff agrees to accompany me. So, we set off on foot, leaving the dogs, motorhome, and car behind.

We leave the premises and turn right on Madrona, heading toward Highway 101, a half mile away.

I just can’t stop myself from taking pictures of the flowers along the way.

Gorse I recognize.

Is this a variation?

We cross Highway 101 and continue on Madrona past blooms of rhododendrons,

and red hot pokers,

until it dead ends onto Arizona Street. Turning right we cross Garrison Lake.

More flowers…

Arizona intersects with Paradise Point Road which leads us west again to Agate Beach. But first we cross Garrison Lake one more time.

The picture below is from the other side of the street and you can see how the lake is ending into a wetland area.

At last, the ocean! This spot is actually called Paradise Point, the best place to take in a perfect sunset, if you can wait that long. Since Port Orford is the western most city in the U.S., the sun doesn’t set until almost 9:00 each evening at this time of year.

Even the sand has flowers.

We have the beach to ourselves for the most part.

To the north is Cape Blanco State Park and the Lighthouse.

To the south is Port Orford Heads State Park.

The waves are thunderous, the wind powerful, and the black sand deep. Step, sink, pull the foot out, brace against the wind. Quite a workout for over a mile!

A baby Sasquatch has constructed a hut out of driftwood.

As we get nearer to the beach access from Agate Beach Road,

we see a woman digging for agates and a couple farther up walking along the tide. I approach the woman and check out her stash of agates. Then I pull out the 3 stones I spied sparkling in the sand as we trudged along the shore. “Are these agates?” I ask. “Yes!” she confirms. Hurray!!!!! I found some!

I also picked up a piece of volcanic rock to add to my nature collection.

We climb off the beach and end up on flat ground again. Agate Beach Road intersects with Arizona Street and we head back to the RV.

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