Home For The Next 6 Weeks, Part 1

Port Orford RV Village

This is a beautiful RV park, 1/2 mile off Highway 101 and 2 miles from the ocean.

The owners, Tim and Cindy, live on site and keep the grounds manicured and decorated.

Tim is also the mayor of Port Orford.

Everything here is neat, clean, and labeled. Cardboard and returnable beverage containers are placed in bins by the dumpster. Each site also has its own recycle bin.

Yep, that’s our RV peeking out!

Complimentary coffee is brewed each morning and available from 6:30 to 8:00 in the coffee room. A lending library of books and movies is housed here too. A jigsaw puzzle is always in need of finding matching pieces. Outside is an inviting patio.

The laundry room is spotless and cutely decorated inside and out.

Behind the laundry room is the club house / recreational room equipped with a kitchen for the monthly potlucks. Residents gather here afternoons at 4 to visit or play Mexican Train.

An alley between the laundry and rec rooms is the designated fish cleaning area. It includes a place for smoking fish and boiling  crab. I circled this area in the picture below.

Did I mention that cable and wi-fi is free?

There are 49 RV sites on the premises and I’m betting at least 2/3rds of them are occupied by full-time residents. Everyone is super friendly and full of smiles… rain, clouds, or shine!

And now we have settled in as happy campers too!

There isn’t much space between sites, however there is still a picnic table where I can add treasures to my ever growing trove:

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