Home for the Next 6 Weeks, Part 2

Port Orford

This small town of less than 2,000 people is located on the southern coast of Oregon on Highway 101, between the Pacific Ocean and Siskiyou National Forest. It lies midway between Gold Beach to the south and Bandon to the north. Port Orford, named after the Earl of Orford, is the westernmost city in the contiguous United States. (en.m.wikipedia.org)

The oceanic climate translates into cool, very wet winters and mild, dry summers. Yearly average temperatures fluctuate between a low of 40 degrees and a high of 67 degrees. (en.m.wikipedia.org)

Last September we spent 4 nights here, over Labor Day Weekend, and fell in love with this place… No traffic lights, no fast food or restaurant chains, no clothing boutiques, just nature in the raw in a small hometown setting.

And now that we are home-based here awhile, I am excited to take you for a tour of Port Orford!

First, we will drive through the city on Highway 101, locally designated as Oregon Street, and come back again. This takes less than 5 minutes round-trip.

Notice the RV Park in the picture above. On June 26th we will move here because summer reservations at Port Orford RV Village require our space. (We knew this when we first arrived. Cindy tried to work her magic but could only squeeze out an extra week, but we needed 19 more days. Lucky for us, Camp Blanco RV Park has space for us!)

This motel is no longer open. There is a restaurant connected to the building as well which is also closed… a bit of an eyesore…

This place looks fun! I can’t wait to go inside!

Later, we head up this hill which overlooks the ocean. From the top you can view the dock and Humbug Mountain.  

We turn and head back…

The building with the green sign is Buddhas Wellness Center, the dispensary. Here’s a sidewalk view:

It wouldn’t be Oregon without spotting a truck hauling logs…

The Food Co-Op hosts a market on Saturdays from 9 till noon.

I quickly snap a view of some of the side streets to the east…

Jeff and I will explore these later…

The elementary school…

The High School is 6 miles north in Langlois. (On one of our hikes we met a graduate who told us the school has a total of 70 students. His senior class had only 15.)

So far we’ve discovered 4 churches: The Catholic Church above, a Mormon Church, a Lutheran Church, and a Community Church.

The library…

This restaurant is re-opening as the Wild Oaks Grill in a few days.

Ray’s Place is the only grocery store. Prices are high and the produce is iffy at best.

This is the cleanest, neatest, and brightest DG I have ever been in! Ever! We can pick up staples and household products very reasonably here. Beverages too…

And now we turn right on Madrona and drive toward Port Orford RV Village.

But before we return we take a detour off Madrona so I can share some sights of a few side streets. Sketched into the wooden shingle circled below, are the words, School Bus Stop.

Crab traps…

An apiary or bee-yard…

Many paved side streets turn into pot-holed gravel roadways leading to private properties.

Finally, I wouldn’t be me if I didn’t take a moment to notice some foliage and flowers. So, we stop and I hop out of the car to capture these photos:

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