Seeing Stars


Jeff and I walk to Battle Rock Beach today. Someone has built a fort out of driftwood and I respectfully and delightfully memorialize the efforts.

The tide is out and oh, what a wonderland of ocean life we discover! These rocks tell stories.

And expose all sorts of ocean life clinging onto them or in the surrounding tidal pools!

These rocks look like pieces of wood, but they have only been smoothed by years of ocean waves…

Low tide also washes up…

And these little mole crabs or sand crabs, scurrying above and below the sand…

Walking around Port Orford also means encountering local peeps and their pups. On our way to Battle Rock we meet Fawn, a 12-week-old pup and her peep of no name. Later, on the beach, we recognize Fawn. I endear myself to her peep of no name and we share our love of Port Orford. She, the peep of no name, captures a teeny tiny crab among this rock of shells and crevices.

And I take a picture of this teeny tiny crab crawling up her arm.

What a glorious day of exciting new discoveries!

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