Port Orford Loop Road

And Missing My Grandkids…

Also known as Madrona Avenue, this Loop, highlighted in pink, intersects Highway 101, and circled in blue shows where we are staying, Port Orford RV Village.

Until today, Jeff and I have always walked south on Madrona to catch 101 and head down toward town, the dock, and Battle Rock. Or we cross 101 and head north on Arizona Street to Paradise Point Road where we turn west to reach the ever-changing ocean, as highlighted in purple.

Today, however, we head north on Madrona Avenue, aka Port Orford Loop Road. It’s an overcast, gray day, but there is a break in the rain clouds as we head to Paradise Point to take in the ocean.

And I encounter the animals in our neighborhood…

There are chickens in the coop below. I just can’t get close enough to make them look like chickens without trespassing.

Ollie, what noise does a chicken make? Ask Uncle Andy to do his impression of one for you!

Llamas or alpacas?…

Jace and Eliska, do they make a sound? I am afraid to get too close for fear they will spit on me. Jeff laughs and says only camels would do that. All I know is that I am not taking any unnecessary chances!


All together now… neighhhhhhh!!!

Old fishing boats adorn a front yard…

Toot toot!

Ya gotta love Port Orford!!!

We intersect Highway 101…

…and Jeff directs us north. I question his logic. (But who am I to question Daniel Jeff, nicknamed after the famous explorer and frontiersman?) He pulls out his phone and we immediately turn around and head south for over a half mile till we reach Paradise Point.

The sea is angry today. Doesn’t the picture below look like I filtered out the color?

Oh, Emjay and Jasley, I wish I could show you this in person!!

We head back home and take Arizona Street to Madrona and cross 101 at the southern end of the Loop. And a deer greets us…

Wish you were here! Love, Grammy L  XXXXX(X)OOOOO(O)

What’s with the (X) and (O)?? That’s for Oliver’s little brother or sister we will finally get to meet in early October!!

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