Arizona Beach

State Recreation Area

Arizona Beach is a 2/3rd mile stretch of sand along the Pacific Ocean, bookended by 2 rocky headlands.

It is about 13 miles south of where we are staying in Port Orford. The headlands shelter the beach from the cool, prevailing Northwest Pacific winds and create the warmer temperatures giving the site its name.

Mussel and Myrtle Creeks flow through the park, east of Highway 101, and into the ocean.

Jeff parks the car and we step down into the deep layers of dark sand. One of the creeks cuts through the sand and connects with the ocean. We notice a few sunbathers catching rays. So, I decide to leave my flip-flops behind and massage my feet in the warm sand. Jeff follows my lead and leaves his socks and shoes behind as well.

Several steps later, our feet are on fire and we instinctively head to the creek cutting its way to the sea. Now it’s too late to turn back and get our shoes! And never mind my getting any pictures of the creek or sunbathers. We quickly head to the flat layer of sand battered down by the continual waves crashing in and out again.

The waves are icy cold! What a contrast to the hot deep sand we just traversed!

We walk north along the beach, enjoying the shockingly cold yet soothing tidal waters circling our ankles and catching us off balance as the tide rushes in and pulls out again.

We stop and pick up rocks that call our name. We share our treasures with each other and wait for the waves to come in so we can wash away the sand. Our pockets are starting to bulge and we decide to look no more, until the next rock beckons.

Finally, we reach the rocky foothills of the northern headland.

We look for starfish and tidal pools, but we leave with no sightings of sea life. But that’s okay. These rocks in the pics below tell their own story of how the sea waves shaped them.

So, I capture a wave washing in…

…and called back again…

We also are called back again as we have to go back through the hot sands to retrieve our shoes and get back to the car! Ouch! But we make it and live to share our newest collection of rocks found on the beach.

One thought on “Arizona Beach

  1. Nice rocks. My favorite is the one on the far right that’s black with white marbling and a white strip of n the left. 🤓


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