Sisters Rock

A Spectacular Discovery

Sisters Rock is a 1 mile out and back trail about 13 miles south of Port Orford along Highway 101.

After passing mile marker 314, we look for an unmarked parking area.

There are 3 outcroppings of rock with beaches to the north and south.

That’s Humbug Mountain in the background to the north.

The circle in the picture below is where the sea cave is located.

This rock is the biggest sister.

As always, I stop to appreciate the wildflowers.

Here’s a view of the southern side…

…and its beach…

More flowers…

And we head down to explore…

This is the baby sister.

After scramblimg on rocks we climb a narrow path to get a glimpse of the sea cave.

Here’s where the ocean enters the cave.

We check out the northern beach…

…and climb up the hill of the third sister…

From here I get a good view of the turquoise waters entering the sea cave.

Before heading down to the southern beach, I take pictures of the eastern perspective.  The circles indicate where the path comes in from the hidden parking area.

Highway 101 overlooking the southern beach…

We return to he car and nature waves us on our way.

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